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Powerstage CRTEK 2 SUBARU WRX STI MY 2015-2017


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<p>Want the ultimate in power, respone and driveability without any worries?&nbsp;<br>Then our CRTEK2 package is what you need, get all advantages of a tuned car without any drawback, your car stays 100% streetlegal!<br><br>Check out our Dynotest&nbsp;<a href="http://www.chip-racing.ch/prufstand-dynopack-ab-32011/dyno-test-2/dyno-testsubaru-sti-my2011/" data-mce-href="http://www.chip-racing.ch/prufstand-dynopack-ab-32011/dyno-test-2/dyno-testsubaru-sti-my2011/">CRTEK2</a><br><br>CRTEK2 for SUBARU STI MY2015 with CH-Certification<br><br>ECU remapping<br>Chip-Racing intake<br>Invidia Q300 cat back<br>360HP, 500Nm<br><br>Includes 12 months warranty on engine, drivetrain and turbo!<br><img src="../media/images/CH-small.png" border="0" width="113" height="113" data-mce-src="../media/images/CH-small.png"></p>

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