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STILLEN Oil Cooler Kit Nissan 370Z


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<p><span><br></span></p><ul><li>19 Row x 11.25" SETRAB Core</li><li>Goodridge Stainless Steel Lines</li><li>Vehicle Specific Bracket</li><li>Thermostatic Bypass Plate - Prevents Overcooling of Oil</li><li>NOTE: Requires Different Sized Oil Filter - Easy to Locate From All Filter Brands (See Overview Description)</li></ul>

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 The Nissan / Infiniti 3.5 and 3.7 liter engines run hot. In high performance conditions, the 3.7 can go into a reduced power mode due to overheating oil. An oil temperature reduction of 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit can be realized with the installation of our specially designed Oil Cooler Kits, ending the oil overheating condition. These Oil Cooler Kits allow hot oil to be circulated and cooled outside of the motor through a high efficiency cooler. An absolute must for forced induction or track use.

Greater performance and thousands of miles of engine life will be added by keeping a "cool" coating of oil on high-wear engine components such as piston rings, piston skirts, cam bearings, and rod bearings.