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Stage 4 Subaru EJ26 sleeved Stroker Shortblock special Preis


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Stage 4 sleeved Shortblock Subaru EJ26 Stroker

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When you reach a certain level of performance, the innards of the EJ25 are no longer the weak point, the block itself becomes a weak spot and develops cracks in the cylidner wall! p>



We can help with our Stage 4 block! By using Darton Sleeves, the otherwise very weak cylinder wall is massively reinforced and can therefore withstand enormous loads! P>

Based on a new Subaru EJ25 block and a new EJ25 crankshaft, which together with forged CP pistons, Manley H Tuff connecting rods, ARP 625+ Competition connecting rod bolts and ACL race bearings withstand a performance of 650-700HP! p>