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SPOON Honda Civic FK7/FK8 Front Stiff Plate Brace

[SPO 50260-FKA-000]

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950.00 CHF

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The foundation of the balanced total setting that SPOON is aiming is to build an ideal body first. The new Civic adopts a newly developed high rigidity platform with an inner skeleton and sufficient rigidity of the body itself is secured, but further enhances the fastening strength of the body and the subframe to demonstrate a higher level of running performance You can do things.

By integrating ""Rigid Kara"" in the fastening bolt hole of the subframe, the body and the subframe, and the lower arm attaching part with the rigid plate, the body rigidity inherent in the car is demonstrated and it is direct and stable with the original suspension work You can gain controllability.

Even if raising the rigidity of the body never makes the ride comfortable, rather it will be supple and high-quality ride because the suspension will demonstrate the original movement to its full potential. Material is usually JSC 780 ultra high tension material used in the framework of the body, molded with 800 ton hydraulic press. We spot-welded 3 plates and finished with cationic painting which is the same as genuine.