AEM Water/Alcohol Injection Kits

The AEM Water Injection Kits are cost effective and user-friendly alternatives to very expensive water injection kits. The AEM Water Injection kits are a perfect way to reduce air inlet temps and increase charge density in boosted vehicles. These AEM kits allow the user to safely run higher boost pressures and suppress detonation allowing the utilization of more timing and boost. AEM's progressively controlled high-pressure pump draws water (or up to a 50% alcohol mixture) from the supplied tank (with integral fluid level sensor) to provide boost-dependant variable flow. Your water is fed into the intake system via interchangable nozzles for additional flow control.
Complete kits include:
One (1) OR five (5) gallon tank
Integrated fluid level sensor
Progressive control 150 PSI pump
Three different size jets
Dash mountable warning light
All hardware & hoses for insallation

Art.Nr.: JSC-aem30-3000

Hersteller: AEM

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