A'PEXi RS Evolution EU Catback Exhaust Mitsubishi Evo X

The A'PEXi RS Evolution for the Mitsubishi Evo X is the best legal exhaust on the market for EVO X!
This exhaust system is optimized to provide the best power and torque results across the RPM range, without losing ANY of the stock style response in the low RPM (typical of some other 3" legal exhausts on the market).


  • With e24 Homologation (valid for Switzerland and all of Europe)
  • Material: Full TIG-welded Stainless Steel
  • Piping Diameter: 70mm -> 75mm x 2
  • Tip Size: 120mm Oval
  • Patented MEGAPHONE design increases torque and response over the entire RPM range
  • Innovative chamber design maximizes exhaust flow while maintaining a quality exhaust note
  • Light weight exhaust

Art.Nr.: JSP-113-AM013EU

Hersteller: Apexi

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