ACT Organic Xtreme Duty Street Clutch Kit Celica

ACT Organic Street Clutch Kits offer a reliable and dependable clutch for your modified street or race car. The street kit uses the organic disc for smooth engagement and easy daily drivability while still offering high clamp loads to handle your power output.
ACT pressure plates provide a generous increase in clamp load which directly increases torque capacity. ACT heat-treats their diaphragms using an exclusive 3-stage process. ACT also harden the release bearing contact area to reduce wear. Heavy Duty pressure plates offer stock to moderate pedal feel with 20-50% increase. Xtreme pressure plates offer moderate to stiff pedal feel with 50-120% increase.
Different organic discs are also available depending on your application. The ''00'' Street Disc is a OEM style organic street disc. The ''MM'' Modified Street Disc is a modified OEM organic street disc with flattened marcels and better friction material for quicker engagement. The ''SS'' Hybrid Street Disc is ACT's own upgraded organic copper material w/ a steel backing and improved hub for quicker shifting and engagement. This setup will provide better reliability, strength and meets SFI certification to handle high revs.
All kits come with pressure plate and disc. Most applications include bearings and alignment tool if applicable.

Xtreme PP w/ Hybrid Street Disc Kit
- 275lb Torque - 65% Increase


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