COBB 02-07 WRX, STi and FXT Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Mounts

The COBB Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Mounts are designed to allow proper end-link alignment when using Cobb's adjustable tubular sway bar. As you increase the stiffness of your rear sway bar the rear endlink is placed at a comprimised angle which reduces the effectiveness and increases the chance of bending that endlink. Cobb's adjustable rear mount prevents this from happening because of it's quality strength, which allows you to keep the endlink in the most effective position when changing the stiffness of your rear sway bar.
NOTE: Not for use with the Stock rear sway bar or stock cat-back exhaust
FITMENT: 2002-07 WRX & 2004-07 STi & 2002-07 Forester XT

Art.Nr.: JSC-coob913275

Hersteller: COBB

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