NITTO FORGED Pistons SUBARU EJ25 100.0MM / +0.020'' MY08-

World renowned piston manufacturers JE Pistons along with NITTO Performance Engineering have combined craftsmanship and knowledge to forge the JE / NITTO Sports Compact range of pistons. All pistons are designed to NITTO's stringent standards and include a redesigned piston for increased strength and a lower friction coefficient resulting in more power and superior ring control.

With the latest advances in technology and engine power reaching levels previously unheard of, has seen increased demands placed on piston design to reliably cope with the extreme conditions commonly encountered today. NITTO has addressed this problem by introducing their latest range of pistons and related components ensuring the complete range have what it takes to handle the extreme demands of today's engines.

All JE / NITTO pistons are forged from low silicone content T6 - 2618 Aluminium Alloy and finished off with normally optional upgrades including contact reduction grooves, accumulator groove, JE Pro Seal Premium ring sets and upgraded 9310 tool steel piston pins on all kits supplied. Ensuring you have what it takes to deliver results on and off the track.

Custom application pistons are also available by contacting your Nitto Sales Representative.

High silicone content pistons (typically A4032 alloy) are a harder material but brittle when compared to the T6 2618 low silicone content pistons and leave them open to increased failure under high combustion pressures found in moderate to hard tuned turbocharged performance engines. High silicone content pistons also have a faster failure rate should severe detonation occur.
A series of small grooves machined into the piston area between the outer edge of the crown and the first ring land which reduces piston to bore friction and increases horse power and durability.
A large vee shaped groove machined into the piston area between the first and second ring land, minimising power robbing ring flutter under high RPM resulting in increased combustion pressure sealing and engine power levels.
Upgraded high quality / high strength piston pins that offer further reliability in the transmission of large torque and horsepower levels.

Art.Nr.: NIT-JE-EJ2520L

Hersteller: NITTO

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