HKS Legamax Premium GT for BRZ / GT86

 HKS Legamax Max4 GT Catback Exhaust

Not CH-Legal!

To provide fun and legal exhaust sound, the noise regulation must be cleared. The stock exhaust system was designed to meet strict European noise regulation. The exhaust sound from a stock system is very quiet, especially at the mid to high speed range; therefore, at this range, we designed the intake air sound to be taken into a car interior to enjoy the sound instead of the exhausting it.
HKS' exhaust system is designed to provide noticeable difference in its appearance, sound, driving feeling, etc. Sound level improvement at the mid to high speed range is implemented so driving must be more enjoyable than the normal 86.
Utilizing our expertise of total tuning, we will develop more products for exhaust system, so 86 owners can enjoy upgrading vehicle's specifications without any risk.

Art.Nr.: COORD-HKS-32018-AT040

Hersteller: HKS

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