Cusco Rear Lateral Links Subaru STI MY04-07

Cusco's rear suspension for the 02+ WRX and STi features 3 components: 1. The rear lateral link (closest to the back of the car) 2. The front lateral link (closest to the crossmember), and 3. The trailing arms. The rear lateral link is camber adjustable, and the Cusco lateral links feature pillowball bushings for maximum stiffness and rigidity for improved control, swaybar feel, and traction. These are designed for use with stock or aftermarket (stock location fitment) endlinks.
Trailing arms feature a pillowball front bushing and rubber rear bushing and will improve traction as well as launches. As a whole, these Cusco suspension components will improve rear suspension response and improve traction, there will be increased harshness and noise associated with the addition of any of these components. Prices are for 1 pair (left and right) of each item.

Art.Nr.: RSD-CUS 669474LB

Hersteller: CUSCO

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