Crower Cam Kit EJ20 WRX 99-05 Intake and Exhaust 264

Crower Cams:Crower cams for the EJ20 WRX are made from new billet cores, they are not regrinds. They require zero head modification for installation in the US market EJ20, other than the valvesprings and retainers required with some of the bigger designs. Designed to suit a variety of applications, they are available in four off-the-shelf grinds, or in custom grinds for those looking for more than the 280 duration stage 4s.
All Crower WRX cams have a lobe center of 114o and use .006'' intake (cold), .008'' exhaust valve lash (cold).
FITMENT: 2002-5 WRX, EJ20 Only.

STAGE 2: Best cam choice for daily driver. Delivers excellent top end without loosing low end torque. Recommend spring kit #84185.
RPM Range: 1000 to 7500+
Advertised Duration (Seat): Int: 264o / Exh: 264o
Duration @ .50'': Int: 220o / Exh: 220o
Gross Lift: Int: .400'' / Exh: .400'' (10.16mm)

Art.Nr.: JSC-62581-4

Hersteller: Crower

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