Deatschwerks DW300 320 Liter Per Hour In-Tank Fuel Pump

The bar has just been raised! We are proud to now offer the Deatschwerks revolutionary new 300+LPH fuel pump. As the single highest flowing in-tank fuel pump on the market, the Deatschwerks 300LPH pump is capable of flowing over 300 liters per hour, giving your high performance Car the ability to inject more fuel, run higher boost and make more power. The DW 300LPH fuel pumps are also fully compatible with E85 fuel, adding an additional advantage over older style units. No longer do you have to worry about rigging up a unnecessary dual pump system to get the fuel you need. All Deatschwerks fuel pumps are designed for quiet operation and connect directly into your stock fuel pump location.

Art.Nr.: RSD-DET 9-301

Hersteller: DeatschWerks

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