Nistune Board Type 1

Type 1 boards cover the following earlier non-consult vehicles:
CR31 Skyline (RB30E)
HR31 Skyline (NICS/ECCS RB20DET)
VL/Turbo Commodore (RB30E/RB30ET)
Z31 300ZX (VG30E, VG30ET) 1984-1985, 1986, 1987-1989
A31 Cefiro (RB20DET)
J30 Maxima (VG30E)
S13 Silvia (CA18DE/DET)
S13 Stanza / 240SX (KA24E)
N13 Pulsar (CA16DE)
N13 Pulsar (CA18DE)
U12 Bluebird (CA18DE)
This is a first for older non-consult ECUs!
You can now view and log RPM, Speed, MAF voltage, O2 sensor, Temperature, Battery, Timing and various switch settings. Diagnostic Terminal Codes can monitored and cleared. You can also perform real time tuning with this board!
This board along with the NIStune software provides consult capabilities (including Diagnostic reporting) and map tracing for non-consult Nissan ECUs

Art.Nr.: NT-T1

Hersteller: Nistune

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