Garrett GT2560R (GT28R) Dual Ball bearing Turbo

This is a Dual Ball Bearing GT28R Turbo with internal wastegate for quick easy installation and setup. The turbine housing is a .64 AR with 5 bolt style outlet. Super quick response for 4 cylinder motors. This turbo is ideal for smaller displacement engine making up to 330 hp.
Identical to GT2560R-466541-4 except for ''Ni-Resist'' turbine outlet with cast divider and inconel turbine wheel for extreme applications.

- Wheel: 53mm w/ 62 trim
- Housing: .64 A/R

- Wheel: 60mm w/ 60 trim
- Housing: .60 A/R

Art.Nr.: FRS-GT2560R-466541-1

Hersteller: Garrett

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