Greddy Oil Cooler Kit RPS13 SR20DET

GReddy/GREX Oil Cooler Kits helps prolongs the life of your oil thus protecting the internals of your motor by keeping it cooler. Under extreme driving, the oil in your motor will reach to critical temperatures. GReddy oil coolers will increase the cooling efficiency in your motor and will keep your motor cool even under the most extreme driving conditions. The cooling core uses similar inner-fin core design to increase oil capacity and decrease oil temperature to extend engine and oil life. The efficient core and durable steel-braided lines ensure good flow and a leak free installation. This kit retains the existing oil filter location. Highly recommended when tracking your car to keep temperatures at stable levels.
Quick Specs:
RPS13 & S13 SR20DET motors
13 row, 3/4-16UNF

Art.Nr.: FRS-GRE-12024604

Hersteller: Greddy

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