Rear traction rods Nissan 180SX S13

The traction rods holds the rear wheels in position relative to the chassis during acceleration and deceleration. Our traction rods allow for length adjustment of this link which can be used to alter rear suspension toe (bump steer) under suspension travel (should be setup by a race alignment shop). New for v2, our arms now use larger 1.25'' tubing construction and QA1's Endura chromoly rod ends, which are designed specifically for motorsports, featuring a teflon/kevlar injection molded liner that makes the rod end self-lubricating and self-cleaning.
Performance tip: For best performance, the traction rods can be used with solid bearing spindle bushing and reinforced subframe to minimize forward/backward movement of the rear wheel/tire under hard acceleration/deceleration.

Art.Nr.: SPL-RTRS13

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