HKS Superior SpecR Titanium Axleback 09-10 GT-R

The HKS Superior Spec R Exhaust system for the GT-R is the highest end exhaust system offered by HKS. Made of full titanium, this rear section exhaust is not only durable, but is extremely light weight in design. Only weighing in at an incredible 22lbs, this system is much lighter then the stock setup. Larger radius 85mm piping allows for optimize exhaust gas pressure and temperature allowing peak performance with an aggressive exhaust tone. The dual layer titanium tips help reduce heat while the slits inside the tips helps assist in noise reduction. The quality is unmatched, and all necessary hardware is included making this work of art an easy installation.

Art.Nr.: JSC-HKS-31025-KN001

Hersteller: HKS

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