Nistune Board Type 2

Type 2 boards cover the following earlier consult vehicles:

M30 Infiniti (VG30DE)
Z32 Fairlady 300ZX (VG30DETT)
[Note ECR33 RB25DET Skyline can use Z32 VG30DETT ECU with minor wire swapover]
HCR32 Skyline (RB20DET)
BNR32 Skyline (RB26DETT)
[Note BNCR33, BNR34 Skylines can use BNR32 RB26DETT ECU and O2 sensors]
U12 Bluebird (KA24E)

NOTE: Q45 (VH45DE) Work with NIStune but require an emulator. ROM image too big for Type 2 board

NIStune uses a daughter board as an alternative to an emulator or EPROM chip for real-time tuning using a modified version of Nissan Consult. It provides faster transfer rates, realtime modification of maps, constants and tables using the NIStune software.

Art.Nr.: NT-T2

Hersteller: Nistune

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