Cosworth Short Block Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T Short Block (2.2L)-Forged Pistons, Rods, Billet Crank

  Cosworth High Performance Engine assemblies are the perfect basis for your high performance application. Each version has gone through countless hours of engineering and evaluation to determine the best combination of parts and build specification, ensuring maximum reliable performance. Each Cosworth High Performance Engine assembly starts with all new select components as the foundation of the performance build. Every block is thoroughly inspected before the cylinders are honed to perfection. They then balance the rotating assembly that includes a new Mitsubishi Forged crank along with Cosworth Forged connecting rods, Cosworth tri-metal bearings and Cosworth Forged Pistons. The motorsport grade parts are then professionally assembled by expert engine builders in the Cosworth engine assembly facility. Each High Performance Engine Assembly includes a complete specification sheet listing all critical dimensions along with a serialized plaque. Combine with one of their CNC ported Big Valve Cylinder Heads and Camshaft sets for additional performance. 

New Mitsubishi 4B11 Evolution Block
New Mitsubishi Billet Crank (94mm)
Cosworth Forged H-beam Connecting Rods
Cosworth Forged Pistons (86mm) and rings
Cosworth Tri-metal bearings
Cosworth Heavy Duty main studs
Piston squirt jets
Balanced to within .5 gram
Complete blue-print assembly
Ring gap checked
Bearing clearance checked
Deck height checked
Connecting Rod side clearance checked
Crankshaft end float checked 

Art.Nr.: RSD-COS2 20014144

Hersteller: Cosworth

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