HKS LA Clutch Twin Mitsubish - Evo 4-9 - CN9A/CP9A/CT9A - Pull Type - 5.3kg Flywheel

The HKS LA Clutch Twin Plate has been designed to handle up to 700ps while maintaining easy operation and high levels of durability, perfect for a high performance street driven car.

  • Designed to handle power up to 74kgf or 700ps through the use of a unique composite disk
  • Newly developed 8.5inch composite disk designed for lightness and high rigidity
  • Half clutch engagement area has been increased enabling easy engagement and operation when moving from a stop
  • Lightened flywheel included with all kits, weighing less than standard and enabling increased acceleration and vehicle performance
  • Reduced weight over the standard clutch kit for many models, enables easier operation and reduced drivetrain power losses
  • Repair parts include replacement clutch disks are also available
  • See more information from the HKS website under Additional Det

Art.Nr.: JP-HKS-26011-AM001

Hersteller: HKS

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