Eibach Pro-Alignment Camber Kit Honda S2000 MY00-09

After the lowering the ride height of your Honda S2000, wheel alignment should always be reset. Once a vehicle is lowered, wheel camber may become excessively negative, meaning the top of the tire is angled inward (toward the center of the vehicle). While some negative camber can improve traction and road adhesion, too much negative camber can actually result in worse handling and uneven tire wear. Eibach offers a adjustable ball joints for the S2000, which provide a simple and affordable solution to correct excessive negative camber. Eibach Pro-Alignment kits not only assist in adjusting a vehicle's camber back to factory specifications, but they also allow an experienced chassis tuner to dial in a performance-oriented alignment to maximize your roadster's true handling potential. With an aggressive performance alignment, turn-in and handling become exponentially more crisp, precise and predictable. High-speed stability is also enhanced, making a custom alignment with an Eibach Pro-Alignment kit paramount for the serious Honda tuner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only fits in the rear on vehicles with wheels 17'' or larger in diameter.

Camber Adjustment:
FRONT: +/-1.5 Degrees Of Adjustment
REAR: +/-1.5 Degrees Of Adjustment
Honda S2000 2000-2009

Art.Nr.: JSC-E-5.67220K

Hersteller: EIBACH

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