OKADA PROJECTS Plasma Booster Honda B16, B18, F22, H22, F23

The Okada Projects' Plasma Booster for the Honda is a high power amplifier which drastically boosts ignition coil current. Your B16, B18A-C spark will have a 100% secondary current increase with the Plasma Booster, which is the amperage going to the spark. With such an increase in spark current, your Honda's ignition process will be faster and will create a faster burn, thus leading to more horsepower and torque. The Okada Projets Plasma Booster for the Honda Integra DC2 causes a complete ignition, which decreases the incidence of hot spots in the combustion chamber and lowers the risk of detonation.

Art.Nr.: OP-PB1102000S

Hersteller: Okada Projects

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