Focus RS Mk2 Cold Air Induction Kit

Made from the same pattern as the Carbon unit Includes silicone pipe connection to air inlet.

Brand New item Just In !!
GGR have a history of making some pf the best intake systems available and this New Non Carbon unit uses the same range topping design as the Carbon kit.
Tests show that it allows over 3.5% more air flow into a standard engine, plus lower inlet air temperatures. On the road this shows with increased throttle response and improved acceleration.
(The very strict 'self-compensation' of the standard ECU means that there is no measureable power increase on a standard car). The full benefit becomes completly apparent when used in conjunction with a Pumaspeed recalibrated ECU , where the higher air-flow can be utilised.
It also comes with a high quality three layer silicone outlet hose which will not collapse under heavy acceleration unlike the standard corrugated Ford item.

Hoses are available in Green, Blue, White, Red and Black, please state your preference on ordering.


Hersteller: Pumaspeed

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