Focus RS Mk2 2009 400R Hybrid Turbo charger

Focus RS Mk2 2009 400R Hybrid Turbo charger & Genuine FORGE BILLET ACTUATOR

Ported to a higher degree including the collector throat. Balanced to the ultimate tolerance Billet aluminum Forge actuator for higher wastegate lift New specification 'Cut Back' turbine wheel for higher flow To fully realize the turbos potential the 625cc injectors and special mapping is essential SOLD ON EXCHANGE ONLY

Pumaspeed has a history of offering the best Hybrid Turbochargers for many a Fast Ford.The focus RS Mk1 has a full range of GT26 all the way to the huge GT30.The Focus ST 225 has the very popular Hybrid KKK unit code named the 350RS which has been prefered by many German customers over their original Wolf 330 unit

Building on this success Pumaspeed introduce the first generation Hybrid for the brand new 2009 Focus RS Mk2.
Code named the 400R the new turbocharger has been optimised by the fitting of a higher specification 360 degree bearing, new compressor wheel and features the tried and tested 'Cut Back' to the turbine for more exhaust gas flow at high revs.A spokesman from the Pumaspeed turbo specialists believes this unit will flow a significantly more air than the std Focus RS Mk2 unit and due to its higher balancing tolerance should spin up faster and hold strong boost at high revs.

Art.Nr.: PS-T400R

Hersteller: Pumaspeed

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