Milltek Sport Focus RS Mk2 2009 Hi-Flow SPORT CAT (200 Cell)

Full stainless steel tubing. 200 cell per inch Road-Sport catalyst. Complete EU emission legislation safe. More robust and effective than the 100 cell Motorsport Cats True German quality will flow up to and beyond 400 BHP

The NEW Focus RS Mk2 Sport cat from Milltek Sport is the only genuine 200 cell road sport unit on the market.
It is fully MOT emission legal and will serve the car for a longer period of time than the 100 cell motorsport version.
It removes the standard OE restrictive catalytic converter, allows greater flow across the entire rev range.
It will allow the New RS the breathe creating the best possible conditions for power outputs.
There is little increase in engine noise if this item is fitted only,very important in some EU. countries with very strict testing.
Unlike the 100 cell cat we can guarantee this cat will not turn the MIL light on on the dash board

Direct replacement component, no cutting welding, just nuts bolts and plug and play.

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Art.Nr.: PS-FRS-MC

Hersteller: Milltek

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