Boomslang Harness MR2 93-95

Boomslang Fabrication E-Manage Ultimate Plug and Play Harness saves yourself from the headache of cutting, splicing and soldering your E-Manage Ultimate harnesses onto your ECU harness. Simply plug one side of the harness into your E-Manage Ultimate, and the other side will plug between your ECU harness and ECU. The harness contains the E-Manage Ultimate main, ignition timing, and injector harnesses for instant full tuning capabilities thru your laptop. 100% plug and play with no damage or mess to your factory ECU harness!
Boomslang leads the industry in quality ECU harness construction. All harnesses carry a LIFETIME manufacturer warranty! All harnesses are built with new OEM connectors and contacts. All contacts are crimped with OEM terminator machines for OEM quality.

Art.Nr.: NI-BSFBF11050

Hersteller: Boomslang

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