BLITZ R-VIT DS Data Link Station

R-Vit DS is a cutting edge next generation monitoring system which
connects to onboard Navigation Monitor.
32 bit OS with Dual CPU. A new type of monitoring system that can display vehicle onboard monitor.
Easy installation to the vehicle OBD II port. Power can be supplied from the OBD II port on Toyota CAN and Nissan.
R-Vit DS can be controlled by using remote control box included in the kit allows wireless operational environment.
Approx. 400 vehicle applications including latest Toyota CAN-bus system to match.
Monitors maximum 30 items and able to display 6 monitored items simultaneously.
(Monitored items depending on the vehicle, some monitored items vary or cannot be monitored)
Fuel Pressure / Fuel Inject Volume / Electric Fan may be able to control with a vehicle equipped with onboard Active Control System. (Depending by the vehicle)
Momentary Fuel Consumption can be display with a vehicle factory equipped with such monitoring system onboard.
Auto Select Transmit Method System in the R-Vit DS allows detecting vehicle's transmission method automatically to communicate. (Depending on the vehicle)
Data record and replay function as well as Air / Fuel Display will help your tune up work.
*** Vehicle equipped with piggy-back system may not work in order. ***

Art.Nr.: COORD-BLITZ-15149

Hersteller: Blitz

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