Perrin Manual Boost Controller

Most turbocharged vehicles have factory boost management that can fluctuate boost levels based on gear, RPM, and throttle position. Regain the ability to change and hold boost at whatever level you choose with the PERRIN Performance™ boost controller. With the Perrin boost controller, you can increase low-end boost response (in some cases as much as 750 RPM sooner than stock) in all gears and allow upper-end increases in boost levels without sacrificing drivability. 
The Perrin Performance boost controller achieves the perfect balance of level and response featuring a custom wound internal spring and ceramic metering ball for accurate boost management. The lightweight ceramic ball and spring design completely prevent dangerous over-boosting found in other competitive units. The Perrin boost controller is easy to install and adjust. Enjoy new power and boost response in less than 30 minutes. Using indicator marks around the body of controller, simply twist to make adjustments in small or large increments (as fine as 1/4 lb!) Simple hand tools are all that's required to perform a professional installation.

Art.Nr.: JSC-ASM-INT-700

Hersteller: PERRIN

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