NITTO Stainless Steel Valves 1mm Oversize 2JZ

Hard tuned engines whether street or strip require upgraded valves to maintain reliability under severe conditions.

Regarded as the premium material for high combustion temperatures in forced induction applications, NITTO Oversize Valves are manufactured from one piece high nickel content 21-4N stainless steel.

NITTO Oversize Valves are designed for use in the most demanding conditions ensuring increased strength,fast temperature dissipation and long term durability while increasing flow,horsepower and torque at mid to high RPM levels.

Chrome plated stems are standard on exhaust valves with Black Nitride coating on all intake valves minimizing valve stem wear.

Chrome-plated exhaust valve stem protects against galling on start up
Black nitride coating on intake valves prevent wear on valve stem due to fuel wash down
Designed for use in all turbo charged and NOS applications
Oversize valves increase flow and horsepower

Art.Nr.: NIT-VAL-2JZ

Hersteller: NITTO

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