OKADA PROJECTS Plasma Direct Spark Isolator SUBARU

What is the Plasma Spark?
The Plasma Spark is the Spark Plug Boot (Socket) specially designed and developed to work as a secondary amplifier.
It creates strong sparks in very short time (nano-seconds), creating a faster flame front and quicker light-off of the mixture kernel to complete combustion. Installing the Plasma Spark, you can feel immediate torque up from low RPM and get more horsepower to the high RMP range!
Also installation is easy, direct bolt-in to the engine, no splicing or cutting into stock wiring. Simply replace the stock boots with our Plasma Spark Boots and ready to go!

Creates strong sparks in very short time (nano-seconds)
Creates Ultra fast spark discharge.
Easy installation. Only replace stock boots to Plasma Spark.
Compatible with all OEM component.
Compatible with OBD-II. (On-Board-Diagnostics)
Compatible with Plasma Direct coils

Art.Nr.: OP-PS4003602R

Hersteller: Okada Projects

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