Greddy Timing Belt Mitsubishi EVO 7-9

The Gates and GReddy timing belts are noted for their incredible strength and resilience. By utilizing nylon fiber in the cogs of the belt, they conform perfectly to the cogs of your 4G63 powered 03-06 Evo's cam gears. This perfect fit results in less friction; making for precise timing and increased durability. Tested and proven to be 2.6 times more durable than a stock-type timing belt, Greddy  Trust Company Ltd. (株式会社トラスト Kabushikigaisha Torasuto?) is a Japanese automotive aftermarket company specialising in performance tuning parts for cars. The company is widely known for its subbrand of tuning parts GReddy and the turbochargers under this brand

GReddy/The Trust company LTD

The Trust Company
Founded in Japan in 1977, The Trust company LTD has become a major player in automotive performance products. With popular brand names like GReddy, GREX, and GRacer, the Trust Company offers one of the widest varieties of performance automotive components. They are most well known for their complete cat-back exhaust systems with unique straight-through muffler design and bolt-on turbocharger kits.
Since 1994, the development and distribution of Trust Company products in the United States has been accomplished by GReddy Performance Products, based in Irvine, California. Trust was unable to use its own name there as it was already copyrighted, therefore they became officially known as GReddy.
In August 2008 the TRUST Company in Japan consolidated their supply of GReddy products throughout Australia and New Zealand which has culminated in the establishment of GReddy Oceania based in Sydney Australia.

The division that makes exhaust systems, turbo kits, cooling systems, electronics and accessory lines for Japanese and American cars.
Greddy is pronounced G REDDY[citation needed], . The name originated from two words "GREAT" and "Eddy,"[citation needed] as in a strong swirling wind current, referring to the strong swirling intake air of a turbocharger.
The GR in uppercase and the eddy in lowercase to show where the two words were combined. It also works well for the GReddy trademarked logo.

Bankruptcy and Reorganization
According to various reports, by 2008 TRUST was approximately $60 million in debt and, after reporting a serious decline in sales since February 2008 and amassing $43 million in loan payments, they filed for Minji-saisei-hou in Tokyo District Court on September 10, 2008, the Japanese equivalent of a Chapter 11 reorganization plan in the U.S. The U.S. division was unaffected by the bankruptcy.[1]
It was not until March 2009 that TRUST Co. LTD successfully completed reorganization through Minji-saisei-hou
and Gates timing belts are a no-brainer for your high-performance 4G63. The high efficency outer rubber keeps the belt tight, reducing any excess slack. The low-diameter tension member also serves to reduce vibration

Art.Nr.: RSD-GRE 13534500

Hersteller: Greddy

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