SCT Live Wire UK Programmer

Key Features:
• Latest Flash Technology
• Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven Tune Files
• Reads / Clears DTC Trouble Codes
• User Adjustable Features
• Monitor Popular External Sensors
• 2008 Models Supported
• Built-In High Speed Datalogging
User Adjustable Features:
• WOT Fuel Adjustment • Idle RPM
• Spark Adjustment • Transmission Shift Points
• Axle Ratio • Fuel Injector Size
• Tire Size - Rev / Mile • Air Intake Selection
• Cooling Fan Temps • Traction Control On / Off
• Rev / Speed Limiters • Two StepOn / Off RPM
* Not all adjustments available on all vehicles

Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven Tune Files:
The SF3 arrives Pre-Loaded with DYNO Proven tune files that INCREASE HORSEPOWER, TORQUE and EVEN FUEL MILEAGE!
Large Backlit Screen:
With a HUGE Backlit display, the SCT SF3 Power Flash makes it EASY to read the Built-In Data Logging or Real Time Monitored Vehicle Data, view popular sensor data such as EGT, Air / Fuel Ratio or any other 0-5 Volt source via the Dual Input Analog port.
Read / Clear DTC Codes:
Using the SF3 Power Flash Device, you can now Read, Clear & Diagnose Trouble Codes without the expensive diagnostic fees charged by dealerships or your local garage.

Art.Nr.: SCT-9600UK

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