Perrin EBCS Pro Electronic Boost Control Solenoid Universal

 The EBCS Pro Series 3-Port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid is designed to control todays high performance wastgates with it's ultra fast response and bomb proof design. The PERRIN EBCS was the first and original aftermarket boost control solenoid, and now they have taken it one step further with the EBCS Pro!

No plastic here! Main valve body of the EBCS pro is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel with powder coated aluminum cover. This allows the EBCS Pro to live in temperatures up to 250ºF (other designs only rate to 150ºF).

Their OEM type male connector is specific to all Subaru and Mitsubishi applications. Includes additional connectors to allow universal applications. The custom made solenoid coil and valve are made specific to PERRIN specs. This allows valve to operate almost 2 times faster than other designs, and work with OEM ECUs without causing check engine lights. To fully utilize the EBCS Pro, an ECU recalibration is NEEDED to ensure no over boosting occurs.

High quality nickel plated brass fittings resist corrosion and will not break. For race professionals the EBCS will also accept AN fittings for the best connection possible.

Every EBCS Pro comes with 6ft of vacuum hose so you can route and mount your EBCS anywhere under the hood. The EBCS kit includes additional hardware for all applications.

Art.Nr.: RSD-PER1 ASM-TAC-726

Hersteller: PERRIN

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