LC-1 Wideband Controller

The LC-1 is more accurate than conventional designs costing many times as much, and its self-calibrating circuitry can compensate for changes in temperature, altitude and sensor condition. The LC-1 is ideal for applications such as Dynos, Data Acquisition, Standalone ECUs, piggyback fuel controllers, OBD-II software or chip programmers, and gauges. With the LC-1, you can add additional wideband channels to your LM-1, convert an existing narrow-band gauge, or add wideband capabilities to your dyno. You can even tune individual cylinders by using multiple LC-1 kits.
Key Features
Only fully digital wideband controller.
Auto calibration capability to compensate for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.
Two user programmable analog outputs.
Permanent install applications
Cost effective individual cylinder tuning.
Easy to upgrade.
Includes LogWorks software

Art.Nr.: IM-3769

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